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cgi scripts in perl

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k.i.s. - menu redirect [Former Link Based Redirect]
a extremely usuful script that allows to have easy menu redirection on on all you pages. and it is really easy to use.
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menu redirect by acute scripting [Former Link Based Redirect]
this is a fantastic redirection script. it takes input from either drop down menus, text boxes or submit buttons. in fact it support nearly all standard html forms. once it has taken the data from the form it redirects the user to the url specified.
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menujump [Former Link Based Redirect]
you have 25 pages and want to use pull down menu on each page. after your completed, you decide that you want to add one more page and put that in the drop down list. normally you would have to redo all the pull down menus on each page. well not any
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nickframe [Former Link Based Redirect]
super simple and super customizable. it adds a frame that may contain a link back to your main page, a drop-down menu or whatever to the site that you linked to.
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nickjump [Former Link Based Redirect]
this cripples the need for javascript. the user selects a page, clicks go, and is taken to the script which redirects the user to the page he/she selected.
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perl services quick hop [Former Link Based Redirect]
easily go to anywhere on your website or the internet with a dropdown menu. either download the cgi file, or we can host it for you.
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quick jump station [Former Link Based Redirect]
select a web destination from a drop-down menu and go for it. no urls are used into the html code, so nobody can use your script without your knowledge.
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redirect [Former Link Based Redirect]
this is a very handy redirection tool with two ways of redirecting the user. direct links or form output can be used.
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