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cgi scripts in perl

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servers redirection [Former Link Based Redirect]
a script that track your visitors. you may use a drop-down box or text links. the logfile can also be emailed to you.
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wattsosoft list index script [Former Link Based Redirect]
a site index script that lets users navigate through your site using a multi-level list, with categories and subcategories. it produces a list of links in a frame similar to the display of a file system in windows explorer. users can expand and colla
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wireheads ad click-through redirection cgi [Former Link Based Redirect]
this cgi is designed for use with ad banners. in order for you to properly calculate compensation for banners, you need to know who is clicking through them. every time you go to the url of the cgi, it will redirect you to the location specified in
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zone coasters redirect [Former Link Based Redirect]
this is a simple redirection script which allows you to place a drop-down list on your page and have the userredirected to another page when he presses the submit button.
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dgmdans [Former Link Based Redirect]
a simple script that allows your visitors to easily and quickly navigate your site using a dropdown box without requiring them to have javascript enabled.
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