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cgi scripts in perl

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matts script archive: free for all link page [Free for all Links]
this script allows users to your site to add their favorite link or web page. links are then placed in the specified category at the top of the list until another user adds a link to that category.
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roblink [Free for all Links]
this is a fairly simple script allowing users to add their own links to a section of web pages. admin functions are included for the webmaster to add/remove categories or to remove unwanted links.
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saumils link manager [Free for all Links]
a links manager program. youll be able to add, edit, delete and view links. it works just like a bookmark in your web browser.
[comments] (0) [search by programmer] ffal network [Free for all Links]
an easy to use, customize, and install free for all links indexing script. allows your users to automatically add their links. part of a large free for all network by, allowing you to increase your traffic and links from all oth
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shakka edit [Free for all Links]
you can have shakka edit on your site serving numerous purposes: a sort of a mini bulletin board script, as a news board, or as an add-a-link script. keep the add page local or post and allow clients to access the add feature for links or news. the r
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tblink [Free for all Links]
tblink is a simple and easily modified link indexing script. webmasters receive email when links are added. link deletion and/or approval is done manually.
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teklinks [Free for all Links]
teklinks.cgi is a script based links page which will allow you to provide a list of links for your visitors to use via an attractive select type form box. links can be added to or removed from the list by using the password protected script administr
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zone coasters addlink [Free for all Links]
this script allows a visitor to your website to automatically add a link to his website to a specified page on your website.
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