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cgi scripts in perl

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adcount [Graphical Counters]
graphical counter that can run on any number of sites without ssi. also allows you to run random images along side the counter. output is one simple image. requires the use of
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analyse [Graphical Counters]
analyse was written specifically for joe depasquales hitmatic website counter system. it reads in the hitmatic daily and monthly log files for your website and displays the information to your users! this script is especially useful if yo
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animated rotary-counter [Graphical Counters]
this free perl-script shows an animated, rotaring counter on the webpage. the package includes the ability to view a small statistic report of the accesses.
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bs counter [Graphical Counters]
this is a simple hit counter written in perl. it can be set to be a text-based counter or a graphical one.
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cgi-factory graphical counter [Graphical Counters]
a simple structure and graphic based counter. easy to install. featuring invisible counting and block the hit from page reloading.(ssi required.)
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cool counter [Graphical Counters]
cool counter is a script that will log your site. place a simple img tag on all your pages, and every page is counted. a script for viewing the log is also included, free of charge. it will display the page url, the number of hits each page gets, and
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count em [Graphical Counters]
run your own remotely hosted counter service. users can automatically sign up and modify their accounts. runs hands free.
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count this [Graphical Counters]
this is a simple but effective counter. needs ssi and will display a text or graphic counter with little work.
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