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cgi scripts in perl

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digee counter [Graphical Counters]
a graphical web page counter. if you can not use server side includes on your web site this script offers a good work-around solution, this script emulates a server side include by reading a web page first to see where the counter should go and then
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dream catchers cgi scripts: simple counter [Graphical Counters]
simple counter allows you to display your hit count as either graphics or plain text. works on your own server without a c compiler.
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dual counter [Graphical Counters]
both a graphical and text based counter that requires ssi.
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dynamic counter [Graphical Counters]
uses perl and java to deliver a constantly growing count. works best if you have a lot of visitors so people can see it counting...
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easycounter [Graphical Counters]
easy to use graphical page counter. no ssi necessary. uses gdpm.
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grad-net ssi/inline counter [Graphical Counters]
grad-net counter v1.0 operates as a text based counter in ssi mode but it can also generate inline images as an image based counter. counter v1.0 can count remote pages as well as local pages.
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graphicount [Graphical Counters]
graphicount is a simple, easy to use script that allows you to display graphical counters on multiple web pages. the script creates a different counter for each web site you execute the script from. a default font, foreground color, background color,
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graphic counter [Graphical Counters]
this script allows you to have page counters on as many pages as desired. ssi is not necessary. you can use 1 to 12 digits.
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