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cgi scripts in perl

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graphical counter [Graphical Counters]
this is a graphical counter called from the image tag. it generates the images from within the script. it also allows for multiple counters to run off the same script.
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graphics page counter [Graphical Counters]
this is basically the same script as the text counter, except it uses graphics. the script uses small gifs, 0-9, to print out the page count.
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hitmatic [Graphical Counters]
by using html tags on your web pages, the system maintains detailed counts of hits to each page, day and month for a year. it now also supports tracking groups of pages.
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hit counter [Graphical Counters]
a hit counter for your website.
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image counter [Graphical Counters]
this script creates its own images on the fly giving you the choice of black on white or white on black numbers.
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livecounter classic [Graphical Counters]
award winning web page access counter which can display up-to-the-minute hits count using an animated odometer-like display. customizable display, java front-end with a cgi backup counter, optional basic log reports generator, ability to exclude hits
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logcount [Graphical Counters]
logcount is a very versatile web page counter script. the counter features: small program size, use your own images, and includes several handy features enabling it to control all the hit logging needs of most web sites. logcount can be called from a
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matts script archive: counter [Graphical Counters]
although the bulk of the program used for this counter program is written in perl, a c program called fly must be downloaded and compiled for this script to run correctly.
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