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meycounter [Graphical Counters]
this script allows you to have page counters on as many pages as desired. ssi is not necessary. you can use 1 to 12 digits. this script does run a little slower than compiled c/c++ versions, however it always works.
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non-repeating graphical counter [Graphical Counters]
would you like a counter that truely counts hits? here it is. the script logs the visitors ip address, so if they have visited the site, the counter wont increment. if they havent visited the site before, the visitors ip will be written to a file and
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robcount [Graphical Counters]
this script can be used as a graphical counter or as a text-based one. you can have counters on multiple pages with only 1 perl file and 1 data file.
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ssi counter [Graphical Counters]
a simple perl written graphical counter that uses ssi to record the number of hits.
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simplecount [Graphical Counters]
simple ssi script for displaying a .gif for each number in the counter. works great because the script is very small.
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speedometer [Graphical Counters]
speedometer is your typical counter. however, it is a graphical and textual counter all in one! speedometer allows for several levels of customization. it comes with default black numbers on white, but we have a host of number styles for download. th
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statistical counter script [Graphical Counters]
the statistical counter script works separately from your servers logs. it creates its own set of logs containing important information that your server logs doesnt track, such as browsers and referred links. plus, unlike analog programs, you can fil
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versacounter [Graphical Counters]
this is a very versatile graphical/text counter. it can be used with server side includes (ssi) or by a simple html image tag. the ssi method allows for more display options, such as plain text output, which can then be manipulated by the html markup
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