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Midmart Power Counter [Graphical Counters]
Up to ten counters using one CGI! You have full control over all counters using an Administrator Area via your browser. Features include ability of changing the background, size, text and border colors of counters and counters can be hidden or visible.
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PlayCount [Graphical Counters]
PlayCount is a FREE graphical page counter that will allow you to keep track of the number of visitors who are viewing the pages of your site. PlayCount supports an unlimited number of pages, using one main count of all pages, or each page can be counted individually. PlayCount supports being utilized both via a Server Side Include (SSI) as well as via the Image tag. PlayCount is accessible for both people who have access to SSI and those who dont. PlayCount supports an unlimited number of display options, and you can even create and use your own images for the counter.
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AWStats - Advanced Web Statistics [Graphical Counters]
Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats) is a powerfull, but easy to install, web sever logfile analyzer (perl script working as a CGI) that shows you all your Web statistics (visitors, pages, hits, rush hours, search engines, keywords, broken links...).
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