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ms-guest [Guestbooks]
ms-guest is a simple guest book script.
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vip.guestbook [Guestbooks]
vip.guestbook is a very flexible and attractive looking guestbook that can send a thank you e-mail to the visitor as well as a notification mail to you. that message contains the exact time of signing, the dialup host, browser & operating system info
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ScriptCreations: Guestman [Guestbooks]
Gustman is a fully configurable online guestbook to allow your visitors to leave you a message, or whatever informatio you wish.
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Dragons Guestbook [Guestbooks]
Fully customizable guestbook, web based administration, supports multiple languages
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Argala Guestbook [Guestbooks]
It is a database-driven guestbook script. Page is generated on the fly using template file, which can be easily customized for your own style.
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Perl-Boy [Guestbooks]
Date and IP Address logging, newest message first, HTML tag removal from messages and even coarse language removal AND an email to the owner ! Easy navigation with dynamic links
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VisitorBook Pro by Command-O Software, Inc. [Guestbooks]
This program is the result of over 3 years of development, and we think its the best software on the Internet. With this program you get flexibility, features, and a clean interface for any guest book project.
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VisitorBook Pro LE version by Command-O Software, Inc. [Guestbooks]
This software is similar to VisitorBook Pro - without some of the options. It will work well for lower traffic and smaller sites - and best of all its free!
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