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@Book powered by [Guestbooks]
Just 01 script does everything. Guest can add Face Icon to their comments. Replace all dirty words to heart icon. Guest can not sign the GuestBook with some words like qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq. Easy for webmaster wants to delete unwanted comments. @Book support counter and random ad banner. Easy for layout Header - Footer (just working with HTML code) -
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Midmart Guestbook Server [Guestbooks]
Offers you the ability to host an unlimited number of guestbooks on your server. Users can customize not only the appearance of their guesbooks, but also the fields! Features of a powerful admin area include sending e-mail to owners and visitors, removing a specific entry or all entries, and more.
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DP Guestbook [Guestbooks]
A traditionel script with a twist of intelligence. Setting up this script is so easy, that you definately have to try it. You wont be disappointed !
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MakeBook [Guestbooks]
A simple guestbook or ongoing story program.
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SD Remote Hosting [Guestbooks]
Customize the look and feel of your guestbook any way you like. Automatic email notification when someone posts. No annoying banner ads at the top or bottom of your guestbook. No CGI access needed - We host everything right here!. Edit your guestbook in real-time and delete unwanted posts. Automatic listing in our search engine and directory when you create your guestbook.
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CardExec [Guestbooks]
CardExec® offers your visitors the ability to post a business card on your site. This is unlike any other business card script available as this script does not take up site panel space to perform its function. Javascript pops up panels to create cards and view cards. Place this script as SSI anywhere on your site or use it as a standlone mini-frame and the visitor will stay on that page as they post their card or view previously posted cards. If you wish to post it as HTML in a static page simply run the script, acquire the HTML from the page generated and paste it in your site content.
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CommentExec [Guestbooks]
Unlike any other comment board: CommentExec provides the ability to have dedicated comment links from articles and product pages as well as a general topic list comment function. Perfect for online e-zines and periodicals.
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2b Guestbook [Guestbooks]
2b GUESTBOOK is a guestbook script with clean interface, customizable header and footer, and page navigation.
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