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dcscripts guestbookm [Guestbooks]
guestbookm script is a revised version of matts guestbook script. it is exactly the same, except that you can use it with multiple users. you will need to download matts guestbook script first, since you need his readme file.
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dream catchers: book of guests [Guestbooks]
dream catchers book of guests is a simple guestbook which allows visitors to "sign in" on your page. the information they sign is then put in your guestbook. an email message is also sent to the owner of the guestbook each time an entry is made.
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easy guestbook generator [Guestbooks]
just install ezguest at your site and presto, your site is now offering guestbook services. visitors create their own guestbooks simply by filling in a few fields and selecting options for color scheme, email acknowledgement and retention rules (no c
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easy guestbook [Guestbooks]
this a easy to use guestbook, with name, nickname, email, website, comments. on mouse over effects for ie, a great professional design and no trace of its creator. support for all users.
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extropia: webguestbook [Guestbooks]
this is a modification of the guestbook which can be found at matts script archive, which uses and it uses setup configuration files which allow for more than one user to use the same guestbook cgi scripts.
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flexbook [Guestbooks]
a flexible guestbook that uses templates to provide total customization of look and feel, also includes language filtering and ip banning
[comments] (0) [search by programmer] sign it [Guestbooks]
sign it is a simple guestbook that lets a visitor add their name, email address, website address, and comment. it logs the visitors ip when they sign the book so spammers can be traced. simple to install and use.
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g-book [Guestbooks]
g-book features: duplicate post prevention, html blocking, emailing admin errors, emailing admin entries, ssi support, images support for the form, checking for valid email address, url blocking and banning entries.
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