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cgi scripts in perl

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matt kruses comments script [Guestbooks]
this script allows users to your site to add their comments to a list. there are admiknistrative functions which can prove to be useful, such as deleting entries with a certain text string in them, etc...
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matts script archive: guestbook [Guestbooks]
this guestbook program allows visitors to your site to input their name, email, url, location and comments into a form. the results are then written to your guestbook file.
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matts source code: guestbook [Guestbooks]
takes user input, creates a dbm and then adds it to the guestbook web page. also comes with a program which allows you to maintain the guestbook.
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megaguest [Guestbooks]
megaguest is a guestbook script written in perl. the script is very flexible in its setup, and has many variables to set.
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messenger [Guestbooks]
messenger lets people add comments to your web site. it keeps the most recent message on top. it can be configured to deletes old messages. comes with an admin for editing and deleting messages. customisable with header and footer files.
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multi-user guestbook [Guestbooks]
this is a multi-user guestbook script. to qualify, you must download matts guestbook script first.
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multiple guestbook script [Guestbooks]
this guestbook scripts let you insert any number of fields from a form into a guest database. the guestbook is viewed as a sequence of entries split into several pages.
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my guestbook v1.0 [Guestbooks]
a simple and good looking guestbook that uses the above attack guard as its parsing subroutine. allows entry of the visitors name, company (if desired), e-mail address, url and text. the postings viewed also includes the date and time the p
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