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launchpad personal [HTML Manipulation]
launchpad allows a user to customize the links on his start page while the website owner/isp retains control over everything else.
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matt kruses table generator [HTML Manipulation]
basically, this script lets you create a table in the correct html 3.0 form easily and quickly.
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matts web page editor [HTML Manipulation]
this is a system for letting users edit their web pages from within their web browser rather than from a unix account.
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mike wheelers picture frame [HTML Manipulation]
this script is for organizing a bunch of images on your page. it will display a thumbnail of each image in a table and link that automatically to the big image. you only need to tell it the image directories (no file names) it does the rest. when it
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numbers as words [HTML Manipulation]
object oriented perl package text::numbers to display numbers as english words.
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page o matic [HTML Manipulation]
page o matic allows you to maintain "dynamic" pages through your web browser.
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perlpad [HTML Manipulation]
perlpad can generate custom perl cgi scripts files directly from a new html form created in perlpad or imported from a existing html file with a form, to run on unix or windows web servers.
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plug it! [HTML Manipulation]
plug it! is a great little script that has many uses. for example, plug it! can be used as a header/footer script, or you can simply use it as an insertion script. basically, whatever you put in the text fi
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