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cgi scripts in perl

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return refferer script [Image Display]
this small script is meant to be called from a server side include. if you have a page that is called from more than one location, it will allow you to have the return to calling page link become dynamic.
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scritte (txt2gif) [Image Display]
a perl script that converts any text into a gif.
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stealthis! pro [Image Display]
sponsorfind has developed this script to help websites fight the battle that bandwidth thieves have been raging on them. have you been confronted with a huge bandwidth bill? do you want to protect the integrity of your images? if so you have found th
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thumbnail [Image Display]
create thumbnails using convert with this script.
[comments] (0) [search by programmer] [Image Display]
give it a file name and gifjpeg will add an appropriate extension based on what the users browser supports.
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gifsize [Image Display]
a perl script to return an img src tag containing the width and height of a gif image
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imagefolio (clipart edition) [Image Display]
categorize, provide navigation and file information for tens of thousands of your gif, jpeg, and png clipart images without having to do anything except upload images to your website. you control columns, colors, borders, fonts, header and footer fil
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push.cgi [Image Display]
pushes lettered or numbered gif files (filea.gif, fileb.gif, filec.gif) etc.
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