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pushin.cgi [Image Display]
pushes gif files listed in a file in query_string following scriptname.
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thumbindex [Image Display]
creates an index of thumbnails, in table format, which link to their full size versions.
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ContentManager [Image Display]
Complete content area manager that scans your directory tree and then thumbnails all pics and creates html galleries for you.
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DJ Rotator [Image Display]
Display an image based on the day of the week and the hour of the day. Specifically designed for radio stations to display the current DJ on the air. Allows for linking the image to another page and text below the image. Uses SSI. Free for personal use. $20 Registration Fee For Commercial Use.
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UltimateTGP [Image Display]
This program was designed from the ground up to do everything other scripts do, and then we added all the features YOU want in a TGP software. Includes auto reciprocal link checking, configurable build templates, and automated building of new page.
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TAG Image Management [Image Display]
TAG is a perl script that will manage from one to multiple galleries with as many images as you require in each gallery. Whenever you want to change the images TAG can automatically update the galleries content or this can be done by simply clicking one button in the main console. From your image database TAG will select the quantity of images you require to be displayed and then create HTML code to display the thumbnails which will link to the larger main images. The image selection is random and each time a new selection of pictures is required, TAG will check to ensure the new set has not already been previously displayed. Once all images in your database have been used you will be notified. At this point you can just re-display the images again or load down some new ones.
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DragonImage [Image Display]
Random Image displayer, uses SSI tags to place random images, no program modifications to add image, just simply upload the new images, complete with setup program
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TimeImage [Image Display]
Time based image display program with link support, display the image you want according to the server time and link each image individually if you want
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