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ScriptCreations: DrImage [Image Maps]
With DrImage you can quickly and powerfully handle image maps with speed and accuracy. Written in both perl and C, it can run on virtually any system.
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click image [Image Maps]
clickimage is a program that will allow you to have imagemaps on your homepage. this script is very easy to set-up with only two variables to define.
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clickmap [Image Maps]
a simple perl imagemap script which can handle rectangles and process imagemaps without the use of a compiled c program. the drawback is that it does not handle circles, pentagons or any other shape besides rectangles.
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drimage [Image Maps]
a web imagemap cgi that is fully configurable, easy to install, handles multiple imagemap files, works with almost any browser, does rectangles, and circles, has ncsa style maps.
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easymap [Image Maps]
lets you place the same image map on multiple pages easily with the use of ssi calls.
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