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IPLog [Logging and Statistics]
IP Log is a simple to use script to keep track of all persons entering your site or restricted pages. Uses SSI to operate.
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Advance Logger [Logging and Statistics]
Advanced Logger is a must have tool for Webmasters to gather a wide range of information about each visitor to your site. It provides reports based on hour, day, month and also displays your top referrers and top pages and which is the preferred browser and operating systems for users to your site. It allows you to track a visitor through your site to find the favourite entry and exit points from your site. It works on both Server-Side Include and Javascript. Server Log files are not needed, as it creates its own log files. The script is very efficient and can easily handle sites with thousands of visitors per day. The script auto-configures itself and requires zero maintenence.
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SunnyScripts MagicStatistics [Logging and Statistics]
MagicStatistics is a reliable website traffic analysis software. It creates comprehensive reports about the user activities on your website. Many professional features are supported, like archiving log files and reports, custom real-time reports, versatile display options, automatic scheduling via crontab and more. Generated reports are in a very attractive layout; in addition, they can be also sent by e-mail automatically. So you never miss a statistic. The entire software can be controlled using a powerful web-based administration panel. Simply use your browser to configure and work with the software ! More features are available... Please visit our website for complete product information !
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Mail Visitor Info [Logging and Statistics]
MVI is a Free non-SSI CGI script that will email you whenever a person visits a particular page in your web site. Useful information such as visitors IP,DNS,TIME,REFERER,BROWSER,etc are sent along with each email. Simply add <img> to the page to be monitored. (A small transparent gif image with a height and width of 1 pixel will be outputted by the script)
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G.Stats [Logging and Statistics]
A good way to track the visitors to your webpages. Uses SSI or Javascript.
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Traxis [Logging and Statistics]
An in depth logging system with an eye toward referral tracking. Multi users, multi-sites, security, 20+ report fields, and advanced log filters based on all log fields. Online demo.
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AccessProbe [Logging and Statistics]
AccessProbe is more than your average log parser, this program can clean your logs and displays wonderful looking reports based on your criteria.
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Relax [Logging and Statistics]
Free WWW referrer logfile Perl script that recognizes numerous search engines and organizes popular keywords and URLs used to get to your site.
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