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daily stats [Logging and Statistics]
perlfect daily stats is a web server log analysis tool that generates daily activity reports for your site. it produces breakdowns of: document hits/views, referring urls, referring domains, site entry points/gateways, and referring protocols. report
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eklog [Logging and Statistics]
eklog keeps track of the number of visitors for a page, and also other information such as visit time, visitor hostname, and visitor browser info. the counter can also be hidden or customised in a number of ways, including counter language and font s
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ezlog [Logging and Statistics]
ezlog is a web-based interface to analog - a high speed log analysis program. it is much easier to use than the command line that analog typically uses, and generates logs on-the-fly.
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easylog [Logging and Statistics]
easylog is a simple program that writes to a log file each time someone hits one of your pages. not only does it write to this log file, but it also sends you an e-mail notifying you that someone has accessed one of your pages, and that the log file
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ftp logger [Logging and Statistics]
small perl program to analyze wu-ftpd logfiles by making http reports on times file has been accssed. when you choose the file you get statistics on that file as well.
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ftpweblog [Logging and Statistics]
this is a powerful www and ftp log analysis program that includes support for graphic reports.
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follow [Logging and Statistics]
follow is a session-based log file analysis script. with it, you can see what progression of pages a user looks at, how long they spend on each, and when they hit the back button rather than using your navigation devices. with follow, you can see exa
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graphical access stats [Logging and Statistics]
this script will compile the stats of the access_log and create a graphical results page. the results will onyl be viewable through netsacpe 1.1, but nontheless it is pretty cool. i havent seen something like this done before.
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