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logscribe [Logging and Statistics]
logscribe is completely automated, all you need to do is add a tag to the pages to be logged.
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logging [Logging and Statistics]
this script logs visitor information from your page. it can be used in 3 ways: as a server side include, a link, or from an html image tag.
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loghits [Logging and Statistics]
this is a small script that will log the visitors to your pages.
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logit 1.23 [Logging and Statistics]
logit 1.23 makes a record of visitors to your site. it can log one page or ten pages all with the same script. it will also place a key ie.. copyright notice at the bottom of the page(s) you want to log.
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logmail [Logging and Statistics]
a simple script that logs information about a visitor and the after a configurable number of hits emails the results to the webmaster. the script records: remote ip, date and time, referer, browser and operating system.
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look whos linking [Logging and Statistics]
look whos linking is a great script that answers the age old question, "how are people getting to my site?" this script even figures out which sites are sending you the most traffic. how could you
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mk-stats [Logging and Statistics]
this is, in my opinion, the best log-analysis script in existence right now. ive spent an incredible amount of time on it, and if youre looking for stats on your site, i think youll be very happy with this!
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matt kruses current web activity script [Logging and Statistics]
provides a snapshot of current activity on your web site, sorted by individual visitors so you can see who is viewing what, when and in what order.
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