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mini logger [Logging and Statistics]
mini logger is an advanced site tracker that is easy to setup. the reason for its name "mini" is not that it only display few stats but that it consists of just one cgi file. the script counts unique visitors, displays daily visitors and history, ref
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nether-log [Logging and Statistics]
an easy to use statistics and logging program which requires no variables to edit. you can track unlmited sites, find out your visitors ips, where they are coming from, screen resolutions and languages, and you can even check and see what version of
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page log [Logging and Statistics]
page log will log the visits to any of your webpages. the script will display the number of hits as well as extracting information from each visitor. after a specified number of visits the logfile will reset and the data will be emailed to you. does
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rate this! [Logging and Statistics]
counting the number of hits your site is getting only tells about half the story -- it only tells you about quantity of hits - not the quality of them. it doesnt let you know whether individuals enjoyed visiting your site or whether theyll be back. t
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raytraced access stats [Logging and Statistics]
this has got to be the coolest way to analyze your access_log yet :). it outputs source code for the pov raytracer and creates a complete 3-d graph of your stats.
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refstats [Logging and Statistics]
a simple script for analyzing the referer_log from apache or any standard eclf ("combined") format access_log to find referring urls and broken links.
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reference logger [Logging and Statistics]
reference logger is written to simply open up a standard reference log and print out only the lines that show hits from outside of your website. it also prints those hits as links, so you can just click to view the sites linking to you. if your serve
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referer [Logging and Statistics]
this script goes through the referer_log file on your server and counts how many times your page is referred to by eachurl. it then produces a table to be viewed from the web with a link to each url that refers to you, how many times thelink on that
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