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top [Logging and Statistics]
display the top number of pages accessed on a web server. easy to install and configure, top has a system of dynamic cache, so the access_logs file is not scanned everytime. filtering is done by regexp to display a selected range of informations and
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tracing visitors footsteps [Logging and Statistics]
this is a good script if you wish to see what pages a particular visitor viewed while on your site.
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tracing visitors footsteps [Logging and Statistics]
an important factor in developing a successful site is knowing the path your visitors travelled through your site. what page did they start at and what page did they end up on? those are 2 pieces of information that are key to developing your site.
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traffic log [Logging and Statistics]
meaningful web statistics without server logs or ssi. traffic log enables you to track hits and unique visitors, hits by page, and captures the entry page for each visitor.
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traffic tracker [Logging and Statistics]
traffic tracker provides the ability to measure traffic entering, within, and leaving your website using a redirection processor. it provides synoptic, real time reports of daily, weekly and total visitations to your site as well as certain efficienc
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view server errors script [Logging and Statistics]
if you are putting scripts online, you should have access to your servers error log. this script displays the last 10 errors recorded in your servers log helping you in debugging your routines. this script can also be used in reading the last 10 ent
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viewerlog [Logging and Statistics]
a simple log script that keeps logs for each page that you wish to log in seperate html files. logs browser, host address, referer and more.
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viewing recent hits [Logging and Statistics]
this is a good script if you wish to monitor the amount of traffic on your site at any given moment. this script will list the last 100 tranactions in your access logs and automatically refresh every 5 minutes or however long you wish.
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