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viewlogs [Logging and Statistics]
a small utility for webmasters and/or sysadmins to view the servers error_log and/or access_log files via the browser.
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w3perl [Logging and Statistics]
w3perl is a graphical stats package which displays lots of informations about visitors in a nice way. it includes referers, browsers, error log data and session, web structure and much more.
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www access statistics [Logging and Statistics]
since a lot of the people with www pages at my school wanted an easy way to find out how many accesses their pages are getting, who is going there, etc, i wrote this as an easy interface for them. they can get all the information they want wit
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wwwstats [Logging and Statistics]
wwwstats are some simple perl scripts that reads the log of a www server and extracts some statistics from it, presented as web pages. they are meant for use by a single person, but could probably be used by large sites as well.
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web access [Logging and Statistics]
user friendly feature rich customization options. easy to read customizable reports. easy setup - you can be up and running in minutes. reports by day, hour, page, ip, and top-level-domain-name. hot buttons to track specific ip, page, or time. user d
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weblog manager pro [Logging and Statistics]
a perl script auto-created by pc application that tracks standard logging fields and additional things like how often a visitor returns, provides a clickpath analysis of where visitor goe son your site, how long they stay, etc.
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website access statistics [Logging and Statistics]
generates access logs and extensive html report including hits/page, refering urls, monthly hits, access history graph, visitors system infos, ip list, hits by host type. monitors multiple webpages.
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website reporter [Logging and Statistics]
website reporter version 3.0 includes over 6 new graphs, super easy interface, biweekly updates, self installing, and tons of other great new features. designed specifically for personal and business sites. website reporter is excellent for sites wi
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