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ya log? [Logging and Statistics]
another logging/tracking type thing. not bad though
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awebvisit [Logging and Statistics]
awebvisit analyses web logfiles for visitor information like: entry points, exit points, internal links followed, length of visits, and time spent per page. no ssi, or referrer log required.
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didd referer [Logging and Statistics]
this script is called via ssi to track referers. the program does not require any use of standard logs, as it creates its own. stats are clickable, and works with an optional keyword script, which will take apart the referers and extract the keywords
[comments] (0) [search by programmer] [Logging and Statistics]
three-liner parsing a web-access log (use: {logfile}) to determine which sites hit your pages, in order of frequency.
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vip.stats [Logging and Statistics]
you can place a small tag anywhere on the page you want vip.stats to log. it will print out visitors info (ip address, browser, operating system), as well as the page which refered to you, exact time of the hit and which page was accessed.
[comments] (0) [search by programmer] [Logging and Statistics] is a simple PERL logging utility that logs the hits to your site.
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TotalCount [Logging and Statistics]
A Feature packed counter for your website. No more having to rely on the counter sites that make you put their button on your sites.
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SEWatch [Logging and Statistics]
A small utility script to watch Search Engine activity on your site.
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