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leannounce [Mailing List Management]
allows a webmaster to collect email addresses through a simple text box, and store them in a text file for later bulk mailing of an announcements. meant for sites that dont need the power of majordomo.
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listmail [Mailing List Management]
a powerful hands-free mailing list manager that allows you to create multiple mailing lists. your subscribers can create and send mail to all members of the list directly from their browser. listmail is capable of providing for uploaded attachments t
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listmerge [Mailing List Management]
listmerge is a versatile free-to-use merge mailing script that can be used in conjunction with e-lists or other standard address-only lists to send e-mail / newsletters etc via your browser to the addresses submitted by visitors using simple e-lists
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mail builder [Mailing List Management]
this program is designed to be inserted into existing scripts to build a mailing list file, but it can be used as a standalone program allowing users to add their name and email address to your mailing list.
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mail list [Mailing List Management]
mail list is an easy to use mailing list program. some of the features are: anyone can add or remove their e-mail address, the list owner remove any email address, the list owner can send out a custom e-mails with a custom subject and admin access wi
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mail machine [Mailing List Management]
mail machine allows visitors to your website to subscribe and unsubscribe to your mailing list without any work required by the owner of the list.
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mailfile [Mailing List Management]
this simple script allows you to send multiple files by e-mail to someone requesting them from a web page.
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mailit! 99 [Mailing List Management]
in a world with majordomos and listbots, why would you need mailit! 99? the reason is simple. many of us have either limited, or no access to majordomo, and yet wish for a way to send out a corporate newsletter without annoying ads. this is where mai
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