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mailmanager [Mailing List Management]
mailmanager is a mailing system that does it all: form processing, mailing list and its management. users can add or remove themselves from the list. included features are autoresponder mails, mail logging, form field checking and a mailbase manageme
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mailnews [Mailing List Management]
users can easily subscribe or unsubscribe by simply entering their email address. the webmasters page contains some tools only for the webmaster. password protected admin area that shows the list of all members, allows subscribing and unsubscribing o
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mailinglist & news [Mailing List Management]
mailing list & news is a simple mailing list manager system with ability to send of mass newsletters to subscribers. the basic advantages of this script is that at subscribe or unsubscribe, the user remains on the same page on which there was registr
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mailmatic [Mailing List Management]
survey enables users to score website features 1 to 10, signup for mailing lists, add comments, view online running totals. manager composes and sends email to all or selected recipients.
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majorform [Mailing List Management]
reads an e-mail address from a text box, and validates it. then looks at a bullet list to see whether the user wants to subscribe or unsubscribe. then it sends the appropriate command to majordomo.
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majorhelp [Mailing List Management]
a free script that provides an easy to use html form interface to most majordomo mailing list commands.
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markaters dream autoresponder [Mailing List Management]
marketers dream autoresponder lets you run a true marketing campaign by allowing you to program up to 10 different timed reply letters to each prospect. features include ability to run multiple different autoresponder campaigns automaticly, automated
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mlist [Mailing List Management]
simple html form & cgi script for creating an e-mail list. can send e-mail to owner and the person joining the list. database is comma-delimited and stored on web server. uses perl 5 &
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