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cgi scripts in perl

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opt-email [Mailing List Management]
opt-email allows one to build an electronic mailing list. the cgi handles multiple public and private lists and requires users to register before putting them on a list.
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perlfect subscribe! [Mailing List Management]
perlfect subscribe is a simple script that allows your users to add the email address to a plain text email list by submitting it via a form. this enables you to create mailing lists of users that are interested in receiving updates, notifications or
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petidomo [Mailing List Management]
mailing list manager, with web browser interface.
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robmail [Mailing List Management]
this web-based perl program allows you to create as many mailing lists as you like. you can personalize each message with the name of each recipient. there are lots of other features - you can include a signature file with your messages, require us
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sdpmailinglist [Mailing List Management]
this program is for maintaining a mailing list via the web. visitors to your site may add their e-mail address to the flat file database, or delete their e-mail address if they are already subscribed.
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solution scripts: power list [Mailing List Management]
power list is a great little mailing list for webmasters to use to let viewers of their web site to add (or delete) their email address from your mailing list. a great way to keep people up to date on the happens of your website.
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speedy delivery [Mailing List Management]
need to deliver a message to all your site visitors? you can trust speedy delivery. features include validation, banning, message-based addressing, html templates, self admin, and unlimited list support.
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subscribe me! [Mailing List Management]
introducing subscribe me! a powerful program designed to allow the hands-free creation and maintenance of your web site mailing list(s). use the built-in mailing form to send your updates and information to your mailing list instantly! includes pa
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