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subscribe me(tm) professional [Mailing List Management]
subscribe mes big brother. no text files to edit, html installer/interface, unlimited lists, list importer, cuztomizable response screens and html formatted e-mail, no time outs on unix or windows nt, "double opt in" option to allow your subscribers
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subscriber [Mailing List Management]
multiple mailing lists, send using the browser (no timeout), email confirmation, list managers, stats on subscribers and unsubscribers, and bulk add and remove.
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the email list generator [Mailing List Management]
the email list generator is a web interfaced script that allows the visitors on your web site to leave their email address so they may be notified when you update your web site. user definable message that can be emailed to your subscribers within t
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verifysub [Mailing List Management]
this script enables authenticated and automated management of requests for mailing list subscriptions/unsubscriptions.
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virtuetechs mailing list [Mailing List Management]
our mailing list program allows you to setup a list that your web sites users can subscribe and unsubscribe from. send bulk e-mails to every address in your database through one template. very easy to install.
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wwc smartlist manager [Mailing List Management]
allows smartlist users an easy way to subscribe, unsubscribe, and retrieve archives from a smartlist mailing list. database to track subs/unsubs that has capabilities to require name and comments when susbcribing/unsubscribing. many options to custom
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web email distribution list [Mailing List Management]
maintain web based email distribution lists. based on web email lite which allows it to use all the features of web email lites form processing capabilities. email addresses written to a plain text file for easy maintenance. extensive security fea
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web registration [Mailing List Management]
the web registration script is a useful utility for any web site. it allows your visitors to sign up to receive updates and any news pertinent to your site. can also be used as a mini-mailing list for newsletters.
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