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webmail [Mailing List Management]
this web-based perl program is a major re-write of robs mass mail. all email sent using webmail is automatically line-wrapped to support all email software to include pine, elm, eudora and many others. webmail has been designed to allow personalized
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Optin Lightning Mailing List Solution [Mailing List Management]
Ultimate mailing list management solution. Very fast and stable handling hundreds of thousands of addresses. Can handle subscribes via email and web forms and includes 9 autoresponders. True marketing solution as well as running your mailing list.
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A World Wide List Manager [Mailing List Management]
Run your own ListBot type service with this script!
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PC DupeCheck [Mailing List Management]
Checks any list of e-mail addresses and will remove all duplicates. Can run as both a CGI script or a command line tool.
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PC BulkMail [Mailing List Management]
A simple bulk mailer, it will allow you to send mass-emails to people who have subscribed to your opt-in list.
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SimpleSubscribe [Mailing List Management]
A simple script that will allow people to subscribe to your mailinglist.
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Mailmaster Pro - Advanced Mailing List Manager [Mailing List Management]
Powerful list management With full personalization capabilities, unlimited lists, and the extra fourth field we added, it is definately worth a look at. Not to mention how easy
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Mailing List Auditor from [Mailing List Management]
Clean up your existing mailing lists of invalid email addresses. Addresses are scanned for duplicated entries, improper formatting, and invalid characters. All of these audits are performed online via your browser. Just another FREE script from Ultr
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