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AVS Maker [Miscellaneous]
Fantastic Adult Verification Service site maker and submitter. This is the one YOU need!
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Total AVS [Miscellaneous]
TotalAVS is a fully functional, high powered AVS system. It has been designed so that your site will be assured to be a big competitor with the likes of other companies.
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Online PDF generator [Miscellaneous]
Generates PDF from textual information online. Comes with a tools library that can be easily deployed for new applications. Rich format of text, plus the ability to process images and vector graphics.
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DocBuilder [Miscellaneous]
DocBuilder allows non-technical users to easily create and manage online documents.
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Anaconda Foundation: Weather [Miscellaneous]
Display specific forecasts or allow your users to specify any city/state or zip code. You have complete control over the look and feel of the weather data. You can even create your own weather icons to match the theme of your website.
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Friend Referrer [Miscellaneous]
This script allows visitors who visit your site to refer friends to your site easily. The script provides a thanks page and a button that will return them to the exact page they refered their friend from automatically.
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Sin Chew Jit Poh (Malaysia) Chinese Headlines ! [Miscellaneous]
Extract the news headlines from Sin Chew Jit Poh Chinese newspaper (Malaysia) and display them on your web page.
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Web Dictionary [Miscellaneous]
Let a visitor check a words definition or the other way round. Words can be categorized. Images are optional. C/w admin interface.
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