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ICQ Online Status [Miscellaneous]
Display your ICQ status on your web page. If you are online, the
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SiteEngine [Miscellaneous]
SiteEngine is a tool for web site admins, that allow create edit and manage articles and columns. It doesnt requires any database support so you can run it with hosting, supporting CGI/perl, including free hosting. Useful for small working groups managiment.
[comments] (0) [search by programmer] News Headlines [Miscellaneous]
This free perl script will fetch the headlines from and display them with links to their articles on your website.
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Total Pins [Miscellaneous]
This script is designed to cope with pincode billing systems. It adds a new dimention to your current pin systems. Currently an ibill module is available, however others could be coded per request. The user can create an account free for X days (definable) which then goes on to be billed onto an ibill pin account.
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Out Clicks [Miscellaneous]
This is a simple way to count outgoing clicks to a single URL, from banners, images or text links. This script is not made for super high traffic numbers, but does a decent job of seeing what is being sent thru a specific link.
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IN/OUT PRO [Miscellaneous]
This Script creates an HTML page that duplicates and extends the functions of the old-fashioned department sign-out board. Includes an Administrators Module for easy on-line configuration, sorting by first or last name, optional logging , etc.
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Webmaster Resource Site Kit [Miscellaneous]
This is a fantastic package inspired by a customer. It is perfect for any webmaster resource site. Package includes scripts that create customized scripts for webmasters instantly and allows them to download the customized script along with installation instructions.
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Job Manager V2.10 [Miscellaneous]
Job Manager V2.10 is a fully web based software to assist traditional employment and staff recruitment agency to fully automate their business process thereby able to improve operational efficiencies and reduce cost to increase competitive advantages.
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