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cgi scripts in perl

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cliffs spambot killer [Miscellaneous]
script creates fake (but real looking) e-mail addresses. when a spammer sends a robot to your page, it will pick up all the fake addresses, resulting in a lot of bounced spam when the spammer tries to use them.
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cliffs tell your friends script [Miscellaneous]
script allows your users to send an e-mail (written by you) to their friends just by entering their e-mail address and their friends e-mail address.
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compliments [Miscellaneous]
compliments is a simple way to let your users compliment your work. a quick one-part form means more feedback. the program will create a html listing of everyone who has complimented you, and optionally e-mail you each compliment.
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content-typer [Miscellaneous]
sends content-type: varible back with your file to bypass mime lines. for example, to make images ending with .txt be viewed as images, etc. good for those providers who never reply when you say add my mime line.
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country determinator [Miscellaneous]
determination the country of origin for visitors to your site.
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digipager [Miscellaneous]
digipager turns an organizations web site into a "speed dialer" for messaging their digital cellular equipment. part or all of your fleet will get the same message avoiding the sometimes very confusing and lengthy group call. compatible with any digi
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dirindex [Miscellaneous]
a very simple and helpful free utility that builds an "index.html" page from a list of html files already in the current directory. a good utility for quick indexing needs.
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download engine [Miscellaneous]
download engine is a script to handle all download process for the web site and will record the number of download for web master reference.
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