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cgi scripts in perl

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dumpenvs [Miscellaneous] is a simple script that gives you a list of server-supported environment variables and their values. this is a good script for debugging purposes.
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e-data [Miscellaneous]
e-mail directory written in perl that allows you to enhance your web site by letting visitors add their personal information (e.g. name, e-mail, hobbies or activities, web address, etc.) to a directory.
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e-mail protector [Miscellaneous]
the e-mail protector script is called via ssi and protects your e-mail address from being grabbed by e-mail harvesters. the script either hides your e-mail address or it replaces it with thousands of incorrect addresses ("spam-bait").
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faq generator [Miscellaneous]
now create faqs for your website and maintain them easily using the faq generator. create/edit/delete & publish your faqs and faq area in seconds. generates all faq pages for you in seconds. you no longer need to spend long periods of time creating
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faq it! [Miscellaneous]
faq it is a "keyword-relational" faq database that allows users to submit questions via a web page. the faq it administrator can then login and upload answers to questions.
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fb url submitter [Miscellaneous]
fb url submitter v2.0 submits a site to 12 search engines. it has everything included in just one script. you dont need to make another html form page because its in the script. it also generates meta tags, it got a built in counter for the front pag
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fastaward [Miscellaneous]
fastaward makes running an awards program simple. the system automatically accepts submissions, lets you review them, and upon acceptance, adds them to a database. includes a search engine and password protection.
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fluid dynamics: start page [Miscellaneous]
start page is a document which lists your list of things to do, your favorite links, and any little messages that youve written to yourself. it is 100% updatable from the browser, and so it makes a handy start page - you are always reminded of your t
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