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cgi scripts in perl

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freesubmit engine [Miscellaneous]
worldmachines freesubmit engine is the basis for the popular free url submit site. the engine supports rule-based submissions of urls to major search engines, with all the actual work being done via tcp/ip on the server side. just enter your url and
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geek code [Miscellaneous]
this script lets you decode geek code. e.g. mine.
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hamweather [Miscellaneous]
hamweather provides forecasts localities through out the u.s. and canada. current conditions are available for cities throughout the world. the output of the scripts can be customized to match your web site with the use of html templates. the pro ve
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hi5 [Miscellaneous]
hi5 will check what country a visitor comes from, and depending on what country (s)he comes from, (s)he will get a flag along with the language, welcoming the visitor.
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include scratchpad [Miscellaneous]
uses ssi to give you a scratchpad on any protected page of your website. you can leave yourself notes, directions, lists, ideas, to-dos, name and numbers etc. etc. etc. best thing is you can retrieve all these from any browser on the web. password pr
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indexer [Miscellaneous]
this script was created because a change from the usual directory indexers out there was desired.
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kbasefree [Miscellaneous]
kbasefree allows you to create web-based documentation and manuals from text files. it can be useful in intranet and internet environments. once installed by the sysadmin, web-based documentation can be created and maintained by non-technical personn
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linkscan [Miscellaneous]
elsop developed linkscan using a file system navigation approach to provide users with software capable of verifying many links in a short period of time.
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