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cgi scripts in perl

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lookup [Miscellaneous] allows users on your system(unix) to do a whois lookup just as they would from the command prompt.
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magic square checker and gif maker [Miscellaneous]
a perl cgi-bin or program to check magic squares and produce gif
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mail links generator [Miscellaneous]
do you get lots of mail? do your mail messages contain www sites that you want to check out later? if so, this script will automatically pull them out and update your own personal hotlist so you can easily go to them laster.
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matt kruses bookmark tree creator [Miscellaneous]
submit your netscape bookmarks file to this script and it will return a full expandable javascript tree with all your links. you can then copy this to your web site to have a neat way to share your bookmarks. install the cgi script and let your users
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matt kruses html replace script [Miscellaneous]
if you need to generate pages with the same look but different content, this will help. simply put tags in your html template document and send it to this script. it will generate a form for you to fill in values, then return the completed html docum
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matt kruses tip of the day [Miscellaneous]
this script uses a combination of perl, javascript and cookies to create a nice tip of the day pop-up window. each visitor will see the tip of the day and wont get the next tip until tomorrow. includes a utility to easily update and add tips to be di
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medlink cgi [Miscellaneous]
medlink is a cgi medical database and analysis program. ideal for any medical site; from general medical sites to specific sites such as optometry sites, cancer sites, cardiovascular sites, even vetenerian sites. easy to use database allows you to en
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meta-make [Miscellaneous]
metamake is a very basic script that allows users to have metatags instantly created for them. once installed you only have to configure one variable, chmond, and youre done.
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