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cgi scripts in perl

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on-or-not [Miscellaneous]
a script that lets webpage visitors know your online status. also allows you to log each visit and send you an email for each visit.
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party line [Miscellaneous]
a "state-of-the-net" personal ads script with integrated private messaging.
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page updater [Miscellaneous]
allows a client to update the content of a web page from any browser. uses ssis and has an advanced parsing routine that will eliminate most attempts to hack a server through form submission that uses ssis.
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password [Miscellaneous]
password cgi script, restricting access to a certain html file to certain usernames/passwords.
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this script allows you to search for a person (substring) in a flat file phone directory. the script then returns the results matching the search criteria.
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prayer chain [Miscellaneous]
this program allows spiritual people, of any faith or denomination, to share their requests for prayer with others.
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puppet masters today in history [Miscellaneous]
displays a nice script generated web page of what happened this day in history.
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recipes [Miscellaneous]
allow your visitors to add their great recipes to your site.
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