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truevirtual [Miscellaneous]
give non-virtual clients a virtual domain name. clients may purchase a domain name from internic or you may give them a subdomain of your name. this is a cheap and effective method to add features that attract users.
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usenet web [Miscellaneous]
a set of routines for archiving and presenting usenet newsgroups on the world wide web.
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vee and das kudos [Miscellaneous]
kudos is a script for people to post significant achievements ie, special birthdays, anniversaries, graduation announcements, even death notices. kudos allows surfers to post their congratulatory remarks about these achievements all in an easy to use
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virtual sefer [Miscellaneous]
virtual sefer is a fully functional, multi-media enhanced cookbook. features include: simple installation, an easy to manage unlimited number of recipes, an unlimited number of recipe catagories, and able to display those recipes in an entertaining a
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virtual showroom [Miscellaneous]
virtual showroom allows individuals to browse vehicles, look-up bluebook values and calculate car payments. dealers can easily add, modify, and delete listings. they can also upload photos using their web browser.
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visitor request system [Miscellaneous]
this application is great for companies that require their visitors to check in prior to being allowed on grounds.
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web auction [Miscellaneous]
includes registration, countdown to end of auction, and detailed feedback for bidders.
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wilma (adapted by mark nottingham) [Miscellaneous]
wilma is a flexible, web-based list manager; with it, you can do everything from administering a whats new list to allowing users to submit, edit and delete classified ads. it can be used for maintaining bookmark lists or even administering the prima
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