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cgi scripts in perl

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cgiwrap [Password Protection]
cgiwrap is a gateway program that allows general users to use cgi scripts and html forms without compromising the security of the http server.
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cliffs password protector script [Password Protection]
this script prevents "password sharing" by logging ip addresses and e-mailing you when an account has been used by a suspiciously high number of different ip addresses. this script can also be set to automatically delete the account.
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credit card post processing membership database [Password Protection]
having problems running your membership database, let us take the hassle off your hands. we fully install and integrate our system to use with any credit card processor weather it be ibill/epoch/web800 or whatever you want to use we can support it.
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credit card processing integration [Password Protection]
with our pincode system you can easily manage from 1 to 1 million users via an interface customized just for you. the program is fully installed by our staff and can be custom built just for your site.
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dcprotect98 [Password Protection]
dcprotect98 is powerful user authentication system. it allows you to incorporate authentication system into your cgi scripts. it features three levels of authentication, four-tier membership, user management system to add, activate, deactivate, modif
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extropia: webauthenticate [Password Protection]
sol says, "this script basically checks an entered password against a password file. if the user enters the correct data, [they] get through, if not [they] are asked to register. many new flags have been added for creating user database, emailing not
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fluid dynamics: apache guardian [Password Protection]
this utility replaces document not found and related error codes with helpful messages, and notifies the site administrator of the visit. very useful for detecting those who try to hack secure directories or exploit cgi bugs. demonstration and free d
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icheck [Password Protection]
icheck allows you to "protect" a directory, without editing your .htaccess file. it is easier, but not quite as secure.
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