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cgi scripts in perl

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illmatics ggi password script [Password Protection]
a powerful, easy-to-setup perl cgi password script that uses the .htaccess method to protect your site. administrator can add, view, delete, and instantly expire accounts with just the click of a button. supports an unlimited number of accounts, va
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login [Password Protection]
this login script written in perl lets you set a password for a web page. this script also has log functions if desired.
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monitor [Password Protection]
logs accesses to password protected area. automatic e-mail notice and optional deletion from password file when abuse is detected. easy to install, configurable, works with or without ssi.
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multipass [Password Protection]
a simple script that allows the encryption of multiple username and passwords for htaccess protected sites. good for sites with large numbers of members to add to protected areas.
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pps [Password Protection]
four different password programs, ranging from simple to complex, which allow you to restrict access to certain pages, track duration of members accounts, create separate directories for those who enter bad passwords and more. prices vary depending
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passmaster light/pro/premium/gold [Password Protection]
differing levels of security and options concerning password protection and membership management of your web sites with four different scripts available. features include the ability to add, remove and modify your access lists, lock users out after
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password checker [Password Protection]
this script is a password checker that allows multiple owners, files, usernames and passwords.
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password creator [Password Protection]
useful if you forget your wwwadmin password, just run this from the prompt and create a new one.
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