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selena sols password authorization [Password Protection]
this script basically checks an entered password against a password file. if the user enters the correct data, [they] get through, if not [they] are asked to register. many new flags have been added for creating user database, emailing notification,
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siteadmin [Password Protection]
administrative utility for password protected pay content web sites. simple browser interface allows you to add/delete users, change passwords, remove by days active. comes with ccpass - an ibill post-processing script for username/password entry and
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sitekeeper [Password Protection]
sitekeeper is a web security/subscription monitoring tool. it allows you to maintain files in secure area that isnt accessible through the internet, except to subscribers.
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solution scripts: access denied [Password Protection]
access denied is a script that will let you easliy let you manage a password login file. created for .htpasswd but will work on any password file with a login and encrypted password. this script lets you add logins and remove them one at a time or mu
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stepwebs checkme [Password Protection]
this script will allow you to password protect a page, with a userid and a password which you can add or delete very easily with an admin tool.
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subscription site script package [Password Protection]
three programs in the package: subscription site registration script - that automates the subscription process providing detailed record keeping, member management script - that automatically removes expired subscribers offering them re-subscription
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techno trades password protector [Password Protection]
this script is a very simple form of web site password protection. instead of directing people to your main html file, you use this script as a filter to verify users for the password to gain access. if the password is accepted, then the script autom
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uams - the user area management system [Password Protection]
manage your password files in style. works with .htaccess and netscape servers has a nice user registration routing with e-mail notify, an "approve/delete" system and .htpasswd management. one hundred percent web-based configuration and management.
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