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cgi scripts in perl

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universal password protection [Password Protection]
allows you to create multiple areas requiring different passwords on your site. keeps track of membership duration and removes expired users automatically.
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validate [Password Protection]
password protects individual pages or complete directories. this program has the added benefit of never allowing the user to see the true url to the protected page nor deciphering that pages url from visible paths. allows for user registration with t
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veinottes member manager [Password Protection]
member manager 1.0 is a basic password management program. it allows you to add and remove members from your password and users files from your browser. it does not protect a directory, nor does it create the password files for you. it is intended on
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checkpwd.cgi [Password Protection]
very simple cgi based password checker.
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htpasswd.cgi [Password Protection]
update password file from the web for use with user authentication. stores each line in the format: username:crypted_password.
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iprotect(r) [Password Protection]
iprotect is available as a compiled stand-alone program or as a plug-in module for the apache web server and protects your entire server, not just a directory or a domain. it logs all stolen usernames and notifies you of a stolen username via an emai
[comments] (0) [search by programmer] [Password Protection]
this script is designed to ease the addition of users to .htpasswd and .htgroup files for password protecting web pages. this script, when run, will first check to see if the user already exists in your .htaccess file, then will add the user, send a
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totpro.cgi [Password Protection]
make sure your bandwidth bill is truly yours. totpro.cgi by pbics prevents other websites from using any file on your site without your permission. protect image or html files with one script. does not require you to add a long query string to just t
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