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Password protect [Password Protection]
This script allows you to password protect any directory very simply (for admin access for example).
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Account manager lite [Password Protection]
This script allows you to manage multiple private areas (password protected) at your website easily.
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Secure Plus [Password Protection]
password protection script to protect pages on your site, easy administration, uses a form to require username and password to access protected pages
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PassHack Killer [Password Protection]
This is simply a brute force password hacker killer. This will see all bad password attempts and after a certain amount that you set, will deny that persons IP to even access your site.
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Clikquick Password protection for Member sites and more [Password Protection]
perfect for protecting your files, or a members subscription site. With automated signups, protection against password distribution and abuse, and full personalization capabilities, this program just cant get any better.
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Members Admin CGI [Password Protection]
The Members Admin CGI v1.0 is a Perl script for to manage your accounts. This script manage your .htpasswd or .nsconfig files, auto approve members, fast form fields checking. Whit a administrator control panel. And a lot more ......
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HackSTOP - Perl AntiHacking CGI Script [Password Protection]
HackStop is a simple to install Perl antihacking CGI script that prevents brute force hackers attacking on your web site. Hackers are banned and your members are protected from having their passwords stolen.
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Advanced Signup Engine [Password Protection]
Signup Engine is an effective solution for requiring users to register to use functions on your site. Template driven and completely customizable enables seamless integration into your existing site style.
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