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SunnyScripts AccessGuardian [Password Protection]
AccessGuardian is a powerful user management system to protect your website from unauthorized accesses. Suited also for managing pay-per-view websites. Multiple levels of protection, versatile user management, automatic user removement (memberships), password reminder, no .htaccess necessary, easy installation and more features. The web-frontend is fully customizable according your needs and can be integrated into any existing website layout. The entire software can be controlled using a powerful web-based administration panel. Simply use your browser to configure and work with the software ! More features are available... Please visit our website for complete product information !
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Customers control panel [Password Protection]
This script allow you to easy create special password protected area in your site with personalized dynamic pages and ability to easy limit user access to some files/areas.
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BURP - Basic User Registration Package [Password Protection]
BURP is a fairly complete and configurable user registration system (Password Protection / Membership & Profile Management) for Apache w/mod_perl and the MySql database. BURP uses browser cookies to store user information and session tickets, keeping db access to a minimum. It provides the user info simply via CGI Environment variables, which should make it easy to use as a black-box under other apps / logging. Directories can be password-protected in Apache configs via BURPs PerlAccessHandler.
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RegisterHT [Password Protection]
This program will allow you to have users register for access to a directory (Membership Area, etc.) within your website. It will store their profile and manage the Basic Authentication (.htaccess) files. Users must supply all of the information requested and also pick a UserName and Password to gain immediate access.
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QuickHT [Password Protection]
This program is for professional webmasters only. QuickHT is a fast and powerful utility for the professional web master/web developer. What it does is give you a one step process to add Basic Authentication login to any directory on your server.
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AboutEMarket for eZiAccess [Password Protection]
eZiAccess - Perl Script for membership management with MySQL database. Available for both free version and professional version. AbouteMarket also provides installation and custom CGI service for all platform.
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