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a postcard [Postcards]
a postcard script that is very easy to use, so easy, all you need is your own pictures! it automatically creates, send, and delete postcards so you dont have to do anything!
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any announcement [Postcards]
any announcement can handle all forms of announcements from a single script. features include: emailing a notification to multiple email addresses, and deletion of a file after a certain time period. just change the format and it can be used for chri
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bis postcard [Postcards]
this is a free version of the bis postcard.cgi. it uses a flat file pseudo database to store the cards. a pay version is forthcoming which will have more features and a database backend. either dbm or mysql.
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bnb virtual cards [Postcards]
easy to install and customize virtual card script. comes complete with the silly bird graphics collection. supports unlimited front-end pages. in use at several major sites.
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brewsters postcard service [Postcards]
this postcard service comes fully loaded with configurable features and an administration script, too.
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cardboard [Postcards]
the new version creates a postcard which can include midi or any sound type supported by embed or bgsound tags. the recipient returns to your site to see the card, and you get a copy for your email database.
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digital postcards [Postcards]
allows visitors to send others full color postcards from your website.
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ecardspro [Postcards]
ecardspro was designed for sites that want to offer full-featured service like the big boys do. you can effortlessly maintain a searchable database of postcards with all "card racks" created for you. you get detailed reports of "whats hot" and whats
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