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postimage [Postcards]
this perl script file allows a user to send any image in a electronic postcard. postcard information is stored in a flat text file database and the html postcards are created on the fly when a user clicks on a href link from their email message to cl
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virtualcards [Postcards]
allows your visitors to send greeting cards to each other through your site. good for entertaining your visitors and increasing traffic.
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web office: postcards [Postcards]
allows you to set up a postcard service with an unlimited number of categories and the ability to keep your images on another server if necessary.
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webcard [Postcards]
electronic greeting card system which allows your visitors to choose their card, text color, background color, preview/modify the card and read what the recipient will get before sending it.
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webgrams [Postcards]
webgrams is a web-based greeting card program. it is configurable by the user without having to edit the programs code. just change a few variables and you have a working program.
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Acecard [Postcards]
A custom web card system with features like banners, thumbnails, sound, text color, background color or image and more.
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PostCard Pro – by Command-O Software, Inc. [Postcards]
The simplest postcard program we have seen – easy to setup and easy to update! It allows the user to select from many options, the administrator can place a non-changing caption beneath the photos, and it supports unlimited images.
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Postcard Pro - LE version – by Command-O Software, Inc. [Postcards]
The LE version is without some of the easy install features, you will have to configure more options, but it is still easy to use and fast to setup - and best of all it’s free!
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