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PostCard Pro by Command-O Software, Inc. [Postcards]
The simplest postcard program we have seen easy to setup and easy to update! It allows the user to select from many options, the administrator can place a non-changing caption beneath the photos, and it supports unlimited images.
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@Card powered by [Postcards]
01 SCRIPT does everything. You dont need to select the pictures by radio button, simply click the picture you like and then edit card with PRO layout. Sender can send 1 card to multi receivers. The sender can forward postcard at the time being on chosen correct date in the future. Easy for sender to insert face icon to make postcard layout more animatedly. Mouse Over Message is a unique function you have not seen before. Please see the Live Demo you will find it more in details.
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Talking Internet Postcards [Postcards]
Fun and different twist on internet postcards - these postcards actually talk using text to speech technology.
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E-Postcard Address Book [Postcards]
Integrates seamlessly with any postcard script to give users their very own secure personal address book accessible with the click of a button from your postcard composition page. Users can create their address book by entering a few pieces of info and then can log in at any time to manage contacts and even automatically insert contact info and their own info directly into your postcard forms. Script can remember login info and automatically email users forgotten passwords by request. Includes an attractive graphical interface with several color schemes available.
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