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this script writes defined html-code into a given html-file, making this dynamic, without using ssi. this script displays poems retrieved out of another data file.
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psText [Random Text]
psText will embed a random pice of Text/HTML into your page. It does not require SSI, but only javascript.
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Random/Daily/Monthly [Random Text]
A program that outputs either random, daily or monthly (based on the date) text/images/links or whatever you place in the cooresponding text file. (I use it in my Link of the Second Section) Can be called either with SSI or from a link or framed page. It ouputs several date and time formats for you to choose from or, turn off if you like.
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csRandomText: Display blocks of text/html in random order. [Random Text]
csRandomText is a content management system for displaying blocks of text/html in random order, in true order, or refreshed every n days. Management page allows you to create multiple instances of text blocks. Update all the various text blocks from one location. Here is a list of uses: Customer kudos (as shown on our main page) Quote of the day Banner ad rotation (see example here) Joke of the day Weekly Recipes Daily scriptures Even use it to rotate advertisement banners The uses are endless, tell us how you are using it!
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Joke Serve [Random Text]
Joke Serve is a free daily random joke service-remotely hosted. Jokes are served from green rated jokes, which means they are non-offensive to any social group, and still has high humor quality. Each visitor to users site receives a different random joke for the day. Extreme ease of installation and lengthy customization to fit any site are key features. Free tech support provided via email.
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