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birdcast.cgi [Recommend Site]
a very easy script to install and to help you promote your site. features include: e-mail of current url to an unlimited number of recipients, logging of pages referred, and a message area for the senders comments. after sending the url, the script r
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cliffs tell your friends script [Recommend Site]
user inputs his e-mail address and a friends e-mail address and a set message (which can be customized) is then sent to the friend.
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d3 matchmaker [Recommend Site]
matchmaker is a revolutionary new way of getting more hits, more visitors, more traffic to your site and more visitors means more money.
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easyrefer [Recommend Site]
easyrefer allows you to provide a form on your website for your visitors to suggest your site to a friend or many friends. it allows for unlimited recipients, adjustable referral message length, and logging of the referrals. when a referral is sent,
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grab-a-friend [Recommend Site]
allows your visitors to tell their friends about your website. checks for more than 4 possible errors and returns a message according to the error. is customizable to the layout and look of your website. an email is then sent to the friend from the u
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hey you! [Recommend Site]
hey you! allows users of your site to help promote your web page by recommending it to others!
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perladise suggest [Recommend Site]
perladise suggest is a useful script for sites that have an established visitor base but would like to gain more. it works by giving someone who is on the site a way to suggest a site to there friend without the dirty work of writing the email. they
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realrefer [Recommend Site]
make it easier to tell a friend about your web site with realrefer. filling out just two simple form fields, a visitor can refer your site to a friend.
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