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Friend Referrer [Recommend Site]
Allows visitors who visit your website to refer friends to your site easily. The script provides a thanks page and a button that will return them to the exact page they refered their friend from automatically.
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Alert-A-Friend [Recommend Site]
Alert-A-Friend from Bandley3 allows visitors to your site send any of your URLs in e-mail with the click of a button. Great traffic-building tool! Takes design into account by allowing color/font changes, images, customized return messages. Use with
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Domain Name Classifieds [Recommend Site]
#1 Domain Name Resource Site Online! Buy & Sell Domains, Broker, Web Developers, Appraisers and More!
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WAP Recommend A Site [Recommend Site]
Let visitors recommend your WAP or Web site to their friends from their WAP-enabled device. C/w the WAP input form. Quite easy to configure the script if you know some simple HTML.
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Tell-a-Friend [Recommend Site]
A powerful, customizable and professional Tell-a-Friend script allows visitors to recommend your web site to their friends without leaving a page theyre currently surfing on. This visitor-friendly script will get a nice boost of traffic to your web site.
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TellaFriend Multi [Recommend Site]
Increase your traffic with ease. TellaFriend Multi replaces the simple tell a friend about our site email form, allowing visitors to select how many friends to mail and generating the appropriate form. Emails can be stored in a database and mailed from the admin area. More...
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