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cgi scripts in perl

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TimeRedir [Redirection]
his script is a simple to use redirector based on time a surfer has last visited your site. This version allows 2 timeframes to be set with different redirs.
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clickgo [Redirection]
give your users the ease of using your webpage by using pull down menus to go to different parts of your web site.
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go2it! [Redirection]
youve seen go2it! on sites before, lots of big and small sites enjoy the great navigation system of go2it!. we created such a great working product that ccss went as far as to say go2it! had "flawless execution". ready to see it in act
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jump box [Redirection]
this redirection script uses a pull down select box to allow users to select a site and then click a go button to visit it. this script is ok for only a few urls, but if you have many, it can become very hard to configure, as each selection has to be
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moved [Redirection]
this script informs people that the pages requested have moved.
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page loader [Redirection]
loads page selected from drop-down list
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redirect with logging [Redirection] is a cgi script that will redirect browsers to a new url. it can display a page telling the user they are about to be redirected as well as log the redirect. it can redirect based on the results of a form submission or be called from an anch
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redirect/jump [Redirection]
this script is used with a pull-down menu. when the user selects a destination and hits the button, they are taken there pseudo-magically.
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