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Frame redirector [Redirection]
This script allows you to redirect visitors to other sites without leaving your site. After redirection, user see two frames - top and bottom. At top frame you can place banner or navigation menu. At bottom big frame user can surf the web.
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Domain Redirector [Redirection]
This script allows you to have as many domains as you want in one hosting account! 3 versions is available, include SSI.
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A World Wide Mail [Redirection]
Allows you to run a free email website like Hotmail or Yahoo
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A World Wide Anywhere [Redirection]
Allows you to run your website from your home pc even if you are using a dialup connection with changing IP addresss
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Redirection Service 1.0 [Redirection]
This script allows you to compete with other sites that offer Redirection Services, this script allows you to choose from folder or sub-domain based redirection, or both! You can also choose to display banners, a popup, an amount in seconds which it
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DP LocalJump [Redirection]
Are you hosting a number of domains and / or subdomains on the same webhotel ? Would you like visitors to be redirected to a certain folder or document depending on which way they came in ? This script handles it brilliant for you. Setup can be done in seconds and performance is absolutely great - check it out !
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G.Jump [Redirection]
A nice way to have loads of links without taking up any room.
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G.Frames [Redirection]
A better way to link to other sites without losing your visitors.
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